Sumeet Pathak

Senior Vice President, Automation
Societe Generale


9:50 AM Defining the Most Suitable RPA Governance & Operating Model

  • Reviewing your organisation¡¦s core functional processes and competency model - who owns it?
  • Enhancing close collaboration between IT and business units to ensure both technological and business lens are taken into consideration in RPA adoption
  • Developing a common operating model governing the use of RPA
  • Continuously benchmarking and assessing your RPA operating model to determine its suitability

13:50 PM ‘Bot Farm’: How Will RPA as a Software as a Service (SaaS) Change the RPA Adoption Landscape?

  • Evaluating the cost, capability and performance of 'bot farm'
  • How will ‘bot farm’ change the game for RPA uptake in your organisation?
  • Assessing the security risks of ‘bot farm’ and how your organisation can mitigate them